Thursday, January 22, 2009

An American Messiah in Paris: tres chic!

This is an account (translated from the original French article) of people watching Obama's inauguration in in a swanky Paris hotel ball room. Some of them were American and some were French, but all were united in worshiping their new messiah.

My favorite part?
A "holy man", in the words of Judith, a black French-American woman: "Obama is
our new prophet, he is the Messiah, he is Jesus, he is going to save America, our country will guide the entire world, he will perform miracles, I am sure that in the Bible, they must be talking about him..."

This is a close second, though.
Jean, a middle-aged [French, not American] man: "For me, the president of the U.S.A. is the future of the world and our savior, you'll see that thanks to him the financial crisis will be settled, the Arabs and the Jews will make peace, he will give birth to a new era. Normally I don't believe in miracles, but with him, I do."

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