Sunday, April 26, 2009

Well, that didn't take long, either

I realize that I'm late to the party with this one (although I've meant to write about it for the past 10 days), but I'll post about it anyway.

Let the record show that April 16, 2009 was the date when folks on the Left began equating opposition to Obama with racism.

Given the identify politics that pervades the Left, this reaction was almost inevitable, quite frankly. (One of the most interesting aspects of the competition for the 2008 Democratic nomination was watching which victims group would prevail -- women or blacks. It turns out that criticizing blacks is ultimately more verboten than criticizing women [as the reaction to Geraldine Ferraro's honest and accurate comments demonstrated].)

This is where Liberal overreach will occur -- on this issue. If Obama is smart, he will rein in talk of opposition to him being racist. (Although, he hasn't reined in the talk of opposition to him being terrorist, so who knows if he'll be that smart?) If he isn't proactive about that, though, most Americans will tire of this criticism and will turn on him. Give it a year, maybe two. If this the Left doesn't stop blaring its honest opinions about this crap, it will happen.

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