Wednesday, June 10, 2009

James Delingpole is my hero

His latest column, on the apoplexy and hyperventilating by so many BNP (British National Party) critics upon the BNP's winning two seats in the EU government, is pure genius: insightful, timely, biting, and witty.
In yesterday's Twittersphere the talk was of little else [beside's the BNP's victory] and the subtexts of every Tweet could be loosely translated thus: "See what a caring, lovely, non-racist person I am?","Do you know just how many black people are close personal friends of mine? An awful lot, let me tell you"; "I have a West Indian supermarket near me. It sells all sorts of marvellous ethnic things: smelly dried fish, ackee fruit. The proprietor is a delightful fellow and we always have a jolly chat. Did I mention he's black? Well he is and it doesn't affect our relationship one bit" ...

The people who voted BNP are on the front line of this debate. They don't have the luxury of being able to nip in and out of a cornucopia of simply marvellous ethnic food shops, and thrillingly directional Grime Bhangra clubs and delightful arthouse cinemas selling wholemeal samosas and showing seasons of Iranian cinema, before retreating to their lovely safe white enclaves. It's on their doorstep, all the time, and there's no escape: for the white working classes (of the North and North East especially) multiculturalism has been a disaster.
"For the white working classes ... multiculturalism has been a disaster." I don't think you can put it any more clearly or succinctly than that.

I want to be able to write that clearly and effectively. That's great writing.

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