Monday, July 13, 2015

Forget Global Warming. Global Cooling is now a thing.

Apparently, the best numbers we have suggest that we're on the cusp of another Little Ice Age:
A mini ice age could hit the Earth in the 2030s, the first such event to occur since the early 1700s. New mathematical models of the Sun's solar cycle developed at Northumbria University suggest solar activity will fall by 60 percent, causing temperatures on Earth to plummet. ...

If correct -- further study is naturally required -- Zharkova's prediction would mean a return to freezing temperatures last seen 370 years ago. During that period the River Thames froze to such an extent that regular "frost fairs" were held during the winter, with market stalls and ice skating a common sight on the river.

During the winter of 1683-84 the river was frozen solid for two months at a thickness of 28cm, according to historical records. Solid ice was also reported extending for miles off the coasts around England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
This is why so much of the Anthropogenic Global Warming movement is bullshit. The simple truth is that we don't know what we don't know about the climate, but AGW proponents don't want to hear that. They insist that we do know enough about it to say definitively what's going on and what's the best way to fix it. Their proposed fixes involve finding ways to artificially lower global temperatures.

As we can see from this new data, though, that might be the worst possible things we could do. Or it might not, to be honest. We just just don't know. Until we do have definitive (enough) knowledge, it's beyond reckless to do anything that intentionally affects global temperatures on a broad scale.

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