Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In case you thought Bush wasn't an absolutely horrible president ...

... we've recently learned that, as part of of the initial bailout package, the Treasury Department in late 2008 paid $78 billion dollars more for bank stock than it was worth. That's $78,000,000,000. I have big problems with the Obama administration, but I'll say this for our current president: he's not George W. Bush.

Have we had a worse president? Seriously, this guy's administration has got to rank among the worst there is. Wilson was obviously worse. (Cheney could only dream of haveing the dictatorial domestic surveillance powers Wilson rammed through with the Sedition and Espionage Acts; Bush went out of his way to make his cabinet multiracial, while Wilson re-segregated the civil service; and Bush didn't invade Latin America once, while Wilson did 14 or 15 times.)

He got the judiciary right (appointing excellent candidates in the federal circuit and district courts, and the Supreme Court), the Mexico City policy right, and pretty much everything else wrong. He ruined the conservative brand, allowed his VP to run wild over the Constitution (setting pretty terrible precedents in the process), tarnished our image and reputation abroad through torture policies, massively increased the size and scope of the federal government and its powers, ran up deficits that we and our children will be paying for the rest of our lives, antagonized allies in favor of ideological (and flawed) democracy promotion abroad, and bogged our military down in a completely unnecessary war.

And he used almost 80 billion more dollars of our money to pay for bank stock than he should have. That would make his administration incompetent AND corrupt.

Good riddance.

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