Monday, February 9, 2009

The unpalatable truth about non-discrimination laws

As this story makes plain, the zealots who actively push non-discrimination will not be swayed by appeals to reason or moderation. They will push the law to the full limits of their ideology.

In this story, two British grandparents were stripped of their rights to raise their grandchildren because the town council wanted to allow a homosexual couple to adopt them. Four times the council had sued to force the grandparents to give up their grandchildren (the justification being that the couple — aged 59 and 46 — were too old to care for the kids). Each time the courts sided with the grandparents. Finally, when the council apparently threatened to bankrupt the couple through protracted litigation, the couple finally relented, ignorant of the fact that the town intended to place their grandchildren with a homosexual couple — something they strongly opposed. When they went public with their opposition, the town stripped them of their rights to ever see their grandchildren again.

Remember — these acts are all done in the name of non-discrimination and tolerance.

I've written about this issue before, and the lesson remains the same: This kind of situation is potentially the end result of any non-discrimination law which applies to private citizens. Nothing stops the laws from being pushed to the absolute limits we see them being pushed to in Britain except the temporary scruples of the public. Those often change over time, however, and can be cast aside by ideologues intent on bringing the law completely into harmony with the absolute dictates non-discrimination.

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