Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why don't they get it?

Same-sex "marriage" isn't a winner -- not even in Liberal New York State.

Everywhere same-sex "marriage" has been up for a popular vote in the US -- EVERYWHERE -- it's lost. New York is the 35th state (I believe) to refuse to support it. Yet the pro-gay "marriage" folks still claim that proponents of real -- that is, heterosexual -- marriage are the ones somehow forcing their views on others.

In the wake of the movement's most unanticipated defeat yet, NY governor David Patterson said, "I think that there were political forces that in some respects intimidated some of those who voted. I think if there’d actually been a conscience vote we’d be celebrating marriage equality right now."

Now, there are two factors that make that statement delusional:
  1. The proposition that real marriage proponents generally voted their conscience doesn't seem to have entered Gov. Patterson's mind. As it doesn't generally seem to enter the minds of gay "marriage" proponents. In their minds, pro-gay "marriage" supporters are conscientious and pro-real marriage proponents are bigots (or, at best, confused). The condescension is amazing.
  2. The pro-gay "marriage" crowd has lately been quite thuggish: engaging in moral bullying, intimidation, and violent retribution against those who disagree with them. The aftermath of Proposition 8's passage in California, wherein the Mormon Church has been targeted like German Jews in kristalnacht for its prominence in working for Prop. 8, speaks volumes about the ugliness among many proponents of gay "marriage".
But if you want more evidence that Gov. Patterson is wildly off in his analysis, read just a little further in the same article:
It is rare for legislation to reach the floor in Albany when passage is not all but assured. ...

[But Democrats brought the bill to a vote] in part because gay rights groups, which have become major financial players in state politics, wanted to know which senators they should back in the future and which ones to target for defeat.

Alan Van Capelle, executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda, New York’s largest gay rights group, hinted that senators who voted against the bill on Wednesday could face repercussions.

On Wednesday, as news of the vote made its way to demonstrators standing outside the Senate chamber, some erupted in angry chants of “Equal rights!” and surrounded a senator who opposed the measure.
How enlightened of them.

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