Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Keep your unborn baby healthy so you can kill him.

Here's a question: Why does anyone who's pro-choice oppose pregnant women smoking or drinking alcohol?

I know several people who are pro-choice (either staunchly so or "reluctantly" so) who become indignant at the thought (nevermind in the presence of) a pregnant woman smoking a pack a day or drinking a six-pack or two of beer a week. Yet this seems quite strange. If someone supports a woman's right to kill her baby -- which, let's be honest here, is what abortion is -- then it just seems weird that they'd care at all what else she does with her baby.

I mean, once you've conceded that it's alright for a woman to kill her child, it seems to me that you've forfeited your right to make moral judgments about anything else a woman does with her child.

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