Friday, December 12, 2008

Australia has completely lost its mind

Well, just the state of Victoria, actually. For now at least.

It will now be the official policy of the state of Victoria to discriminate against white males. I'm not even exaggerating. That will be the OFFICIAL policy. Read the article.

They call this discrimination "positive" discrimination in the article, as if discrimination is inherently negative only when white males engage in it. It's like the term "reverse racism", which I despise because it implies that "racism" is an inherently white activity -- that only white people can be racist -- while non-whites can only be "reverse" racists, not true racists. This kind of terminology angers me, I'll be honest. It's insulting and ignorant. It shows that the people using those words haven't really thought about or reflected on what they're saying.

I don't understand how someone can contort his mind to the point that he views discrimination (which in modern Western societies is the new sin against the Holy Ghost -- the one unforgivable sin) as a positive thing, assuming it only affects white males. You have to be a real dittohead (that is, a thoughtless, brainwashed follower) to be able to a) wrap your head around that thought or b) view it with anything other than complete and utter contempt and loathing.

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