Thursday, December 18, 2008

George Orwell, eat your heart out.. (Or "The New York Times talks about black families.")

So, according to the New York Times, the decades-long trend of an ever-increasing number illegitimate black children (which is increasingly the same as saying "black children", since nearly 3 out of 4 black kids are illegitimate these days) being raised in single-parent homes has been reversed. Sounds like great news. Then you read the fine print, and notice that the only change here has been the US Census Bureau's definition of "parent", which now means "any man and woman living together, whether or not they are married or the child's biological parents."

You've got to love blatant ideological agendas. Intractable black illegitimacy has long been embarrassing for many Liberals. They obviously need to fix it, but how? They could fix it by promoting marriage, but that would be too gauche, too bourgeois. Instead, they've fixed it by redefining "parents." Pure genius.

James Taranto has a great response to this kind of nonsense:
"The problem of illegitimacy and broken families had seemed intractable for decades, but the Census Bureau has been able to make a significant dent in it, at virtually no cost to the taxpayer, merely by redefining the word parents. And why stop there? ... Why not redefine together to mean "on the same planet"? So long as at least one man and one woman live on Earth, whether or not they are married or the child's biological parents, every child is being raised by two (or more) parents, and this will remain true at least until we begin colonizing space. Hey, it takes a village!"

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