Monday, May 11, 2009

Dianne Sawyer and everyone on 20/20 are morons

A few weeks ago, there was a special on 20/20 called If I Only Had a Gun, the explicit purpose of which was to convince viewers that guns are bad and citizens should never use them to protect themselves.

Through misinformation, contradictory examples, and outright lies the crew of 20/20 went out of their way to create the impression that one can almost never use a gun responsibly in self-defense without putting your life (or the lives of innocent bystanders) in jeopardy. There was no hint that guns could be used by citizens to successfully prevent or deter crime. In fact, there was a 2-minute segment devoted explicitly to denying that such prevention or deterrence is possible.

This in the face of countless examples of how a firearm, used properly, can save the lives of many innocent people. Examples, that, if you listen to Dianne Sawyer and the other idiots on 20/20 don't exist.

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