Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama: the Trojan Horse

Well, he's a Trojan Horse for people who lack (or at least failed to use) the critical thinking skills to seriously analyze the man's actual record. He's a Trojan Horse for people who checked their brains at the Democratic door, got caught up in the vapidly meaningless rhetoric of "hope", and believed -- in the face of crystal clear proof to the contrary -- that Obama would lead us to a post-partisan, post-race-centered future. For these people, Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court is increasingly a cause for concern.

For rational, clear-thinking people, Sotomayor's nomination isn't at all surprising. She is one record as effectively saying that whites make worse judges than nonwhites. She explicitly refuses to believe in judicial impartiality as a goal. She is steeped in identity-politics. She is a true believer, a radical.

She's someone who's so blinded by her antipathy for The (White) Man that she voted for a farcical decision invalidating a civil service test explicitly because no blacks passed it. She's like a Bizarro Jim Crow -- favoring any law or policy that helps nonwhites because it helps nonwhites. It's a sign of how cowed and brainwashed white Americans are that they express no real outrage about -- or, incomprehensibly, openly support -- the opinions of anti-white, Leftist radicals like Sotomayor.

(And please don't say that I've never met this woman. I haven't. But she's a judge, not a regular citizen like me. She may be a very sweet and good person, and I might very well genuinely enjoy her company. But if I am to evaluate her as a judge, I must evaluate her on her decisions and her stated motivations -- and those I find exceedingly wanting. In fact, I find them exceedingly harmful, especially given her role as a judge.)

This -- for everyone who didn't (or refused to) pay attention to Obama's association with Jeremiah Wright, his work with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, his extreme Leftist voting records in the IL state senate and the US Senate -- represents who Obama is at his core. He's a radical Leftist. In the words of Jack Ross, "These are the facts, and they are indisputable."

Oh, he's certainly all about his own political success as well. This is why he's made a habit of throwing friends and allies under the bus, or stepping all over them on his way to the top (sort of like an anti-W.). But his vaguely centrists zigs and zags don't in any way preclude steps of a more radical sort in keeping with his Leftist values, as Sotomayor's nomination proves.

The lesson for all you viewers at home is this: as much as he practicably can, Obama will remake America in the image of Bill Ayers' twisted Marxist fantasies. For those who think otherwise, I strongly suggest you read the beginning of the The Aeneid. It will refresh their memories concerning what happens to people who accept Trojan Horses.

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