Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dreher gets it

He's not always on, but he is here.

Talking about the New York Times's ridiculous account of the would-be terrorists in the Bronx, Dreher says,
You read and you read, and not until after you've plowed through nine paragraphs and 476 words -- longer than most editorials -- do you come to the following sentence:
They are all Muslim, a law enforcement official said.

This is what is called "burying the lede." Some editor in that newsroom found this to be an inconvenient truth, and tried to hide it. You can practically hear the Times cringing when it has to disclose this fact, which most fair-minded readers would find rather pertinent. ...

Trust me on this, if you are depending on the mainstream American media to keep you informed about radical Islam in America, you are going to stay in the dark. Political correctness on this point is a powerful force.

Preach it, Brother Rod!

And later,
If these alleged terrorists were white supremacists, neither the New York Times nor the New York mayor would have trouble speaking plainly and directly about what this is. ... That these men were Muslims is not incidental to their alleged crime. ...

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists today are Muslims. You can't wish that fact away. We have to deal with it. Stop trying to make up this mythical horde of Christian abortion clinic bombers who in your minds balance out Muslim terrorists. These people barely exist.

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