Thursday, April 23, 2015

GOP Money Men to Tea Party: We're getting amnesty whether you like it or not!

There's a more-than-mildly-terrifying nugget buried near the end of this BuzzFeed piece about Marco Rubio's apparent recovery from his push for amnesty in the Gang of Eight bill:
Even if Tea Partiers aren’t willing to get on board [with amnesty], Zwick [Romney's 2012 Finance Director] said the GOP money men have learned their lesson: “I really believe that the donor community… now finally recognizes, and I see them only wanting to get behind a candidate that is willing to take leadership on his issue.”
In other words, despite the fact that polls repeatedly show that Americans clearly don't want to keep bringing in waves of foreign migrants, the only choices our political class will offer them are a lot of new immigrants (the GOP's position) or a shit ton of new immigrants (the Democrats' position).

It's like American voters just walked into that bar with Jake and Elwood Blues, with a bartender representing the Republicrats (to use Ralph Nader's term, which is actually accurate in this case).

This will not end well.

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