Thursday, April 30, 2015

Social Jujitsu

The ancient Greeks were right: nemesis always follows hubris. Are we finally witnessing nemesis coming to punish the Social Justice Warriors for their hubris?

For years now, the SJW's have been able to dictate a wildly disproportionate amount of public discourse and corporate marketing techniques through their unquenchable, hair trigger outrage. But a handful of companies have demonstrated that SJW's are a tiny fraction of the overall population, and that most people can't stand their whining and outrageous bullying tactics.

The most recent example is Protein World, a British company specializing in health foods. They started a campaign called #BeachBodyReady to promote their products, and the SJW's went nuts. They declared the campaign sexist and misogynistic because it was "body shaming" women who don't have fashion model looks.

Instead of folding, though, Protein World punched back, baiting the SJW trolls and refusing to back down one inch. The trolls went to Defcon 1: getting 40,000 signatures on a petition, threatening to tear the company's headquarters to the ground, etc. Protein World's customers leaped to its defense online. And tens of thousands of people who had never heard of the company became customers -- many of whom explicitly said they bought Protein World products in appreciation for the company not giving in to SJW bullying tactics.

Protein World made over £1 million in four days off of a £250,000 marketing campaign. When a critical mass of companies recognize that there's gold in shrugging off SJW bullying tactics, the script will flip and the power of those trolls will disappear. Protein world (and other companies, as the linked article above notes) has certainly hastened the arrival of that day.

UPDATE: The SJW's have flexed their muscles in the body they love and control most -- the bureaucracy. Britain's Advertising Standards Agency has banned Protein World's "Beach Body Ready" campaign because it's sexist. Unlike ads for Victoria's Secret, or Budweiser, or 50 other products that feature women in bikinis. Because Shut up. That's why.

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