Thursday, April 23, 2015

Transitioning to Darth Vader

Apropos to my previous post, here is a satirical post about people who abuse their children by claiming to affirm them in "transitioning" to another gender: My Child is Transition to Darth Vader.
For the past two mornings ... all I have seen [on the news] is a repetitive story about a two year-old kid transitioning from female to male ... I think this is simply fantastic, and it has opened my eyes to realizing something about my own precious child.  When my daughter was two, she told me she was Darth Vader.  In my ignorance, I thought she was talking about her desired Halloween Costume that year (in April, of course… because, you know, a two year-old’s concept of time and all).  However, what I realize now is that she was actually trying to tell me who she felt she really was on the inside.  So, even though she’s 15 now, I am beginning the process of transDarthification (and my computer did not underline that word!).  After a long search, I have finally found a doctor from Cambodia who is going to surgically remove her limbs and induce third and fourth-degree burns on the majority of her remaining body segment.  I have also found an expert in the field of automobile customization who is going to help with the external, mechanical components and respirator.  The last step, and most difficult, will be securing for my daughter/Sith Lord new or slightly-used Death Star.  If anyone knows someone who can help with that, please let me know.
Read the whole thing.

Is the mutilation and chemical disfigurement required to "Darthify" one's child really all that different from that required to "transition" one's child to a different gender?

No. Not really. It's child abuse, plain and simple.

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