Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ah, sweet irony

From View from the Right, a blog I frequent:
There has been much comment recently on conservative web sites about the suddenly cautious Democrats. They are urging voters to temper their hopes for quick economic recovery, for example. The Planet Gore blog at NRO has documented the transformation from global warming hysteria, demanding immediate ratification of the Kyoto treaty, to claiming that Obama might not want to move forward with Kyoto: it is costly, does not include all the important nations in the world, might not accomplish much, etc. In other words, all the same arguments they rejected when Dubya was president. Even more impressive is the fact that the Planet Gore writers predicted this transformation in advance in very precise prophecies.

Now we discover that we should all temper our hopes for embryonic stem cell cures.

Turns out that we are decades away from getting any cures, the cures might actually come from adult stem cells instead, all those people who are already suffering from a disease today will not live to see the cures, the use of embryonic stem cells can cause tumors to develop, etc. Not even mentioned in the story is the fact that using your own adult stem cells removes the problem of rejection of alien tissue and the accompanying need to suppress your immune system to prevent such rejection. Have we heard these arguments somewhere before? Yes--from the other side, our side.

Funny how different things look when the "progressive" utopians are in charge and the public wants delivery on promises.

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