Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Geert Wilders and Totalitarian Islam

Andrew Bostom, over on Front Page, pens an excellent summary of the realities of Islam that the courageous Geert Wilders is doing his best to wake us up to.

Overwhelming Muslim majorities i.e., better than two-thirds (see the weighted average calculated here) of a well-conducted survey of the world’s most significant, and populous Arab and non-Arab Muslim countries, want these hideous, immoderate outcomes: “strict application” of Shari’a, Islamic Law, and a global Caliphate.

Specifically, the World Public University of Maryland poll (released February 25, 2009) indicated the following about our erstwhile Muslim ally nations of Egypt and Pakistan: 81% of the Muslims of “moderate” Egypt, the largest Arab Muslim nation, desire a “strict” application of Shari’a, Islamic Law; 76% of the Pakistan’s Muslims—one of the most important, and sizable non-Arab Muslim populations—want this outcome. Furthermore, 70% of Egyptian Muslims and 69% of Pakistani Muslims desire the re-creation of a “…single Islamic state or Caliphate.”

These are facts. They are data. If the neo-cons had their way and all Muslim societies became democracies tomorrow, by next week we'd see crazy, hard core, sharia-philic regimes throughout the Middle East and northern Africa.

The problem isn't necessarily the people themselves. People are people, after all, no matter where or who they are. The problem is the ideology. But the ideology is a thoroughly ingrained aspect of Muslims' culture, and is as much a part of them as any other aspect of their cultures. Wilders makes the point better than I do:
I have nothing against the people. I don't hate Muslims. But Islam is a totalitarian ideology. It rules every aspect of life - economics, family law, whatever. It has religious symbols, it has a God, it has a book - but it's not a religion. It can be compared with totalitarian ideologies like Communism or fascism. There is no country where Islam is dominant where you have a real democracy, a real separation between church and state. Islam is totally contrary to our values.
Indeed. Read the whole article. It's well worth your time.

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