Monday, March 9, 2009

A turn against Obama?

The LA Times, among others, seems to think they've found one, and they say it started after Obama's "triumphant" speech to Congress. As the article says,
The excessive media worship helped Obama win the presidential election, but once in office and officially the President of the U.S. people expect the media to give them the news, tell them what they need to know and not spend their time excusing bad decisions and defending mistakes.
Hubris, meet nemesis. My guess is this wouldn't have happened for another 14-15 months under different circumstances. People are stressed out and pissed off about this economy, however, and they don't have time for politicians like Obama, who have nothing to offer but empty rhetoric and positively harmful policies. (The problem for those angry people, however, is that that means that they don't have time for 95% of Republican politicians, either.)

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