Tuesday, March 10, 2009

College pride

I'm a graduate of Wheaton College (IL, not MA), class of 2002. I was actually a cheerleader for four years there. Seriously. I got to through pretty ladies up in the air and do crazy stunts. It was pretty fun, actually.

Well, Wheaton sports did pretty well for itself in 2008. The football team made it to the Final Four of the D-III national title playoffs. Now the basketball team -- ranked 3rd in the country in D-III -- has made it to the Sweet 16. (I don't know how the swim team did, but I'm guessing pretty well. Even when I was there, swimmers would regularly make it to national title competitions.) It's really nice, actually. It would have been better if they'd done it 8 or 9 years ago, so I could have cheered them on and traveled with the team for the playoffs (well, not for basketball, since they're hosting the playoffs this year, but still), but it's still nice.

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