Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jimmy Carter 2.0

Truly, Barack Obama is the second coming of Jimmy Carter. This is what he effectively says in the article:

"Go ahead and blame me for this AIG bonus fiasco. I'll take the blame, if it will stop the finger-pointing. (And as long, y'know, as you remember that it wasn't my fault.) I'll do the responsible thing, because the buck stops with me. (But I'm really not to blame -- just remember that.)"

What a joke.

Of course, lest we forget, Obama and his administration do bear a certain amount of blame for this AIG bonus fiasco. The legislation was passed on his watch, albeit at the beginning. But he could have required changes in the draft version (which was made on W's watch), or he could have vetoed it. Instead, he said nothing and signed it (and made noise about how the legislation "isn't perfect", but that it isn't a perfect world).

Anyone on Capitol Hill -- Obama and Co., Senators, Congressmen -- who claims to not have known about the bonuses before last week is almost certainly lying through their teeth. A group of Democratic Congressmen sent a letter to Obama shortly after his innauguration asking him to address the issue of bonuses like the ones AIG just handed out. Sen. Susan Collins (the RINO from Maine) added a provision to the latest bailout package that would have prevented AIG (or any major bailout recipient) from handing out those kinds of bonuses. That provision was quietly stripped from the bill in negotiations with the House, however.

They knew. They just did nothing about it. The sad thing is, most people are probably ignorant enough to let them get away with this posturing and faux outrage.

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