Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Something is VERY wrong in Oakland.

Have you heard of Lovelle Mixon? He's the cop killer and rapist of 12-year old girls who was killed in a shootout with police in Oakland last week.

That, in case you need clarification, is quite bad.

This seems like a Captain Obvious point, but I say it because of people like this group who are honoring Mixon and condemning the cops who killed him in self-defense. I'd call this group confused, but that would probably be too charitable. Anyone who can make a hero out of a multiple murderer and child rapist simply because of his identity -- Mixon, as you can see from his picture, is black (which is the only reason the group gives for honoring him) and seems to have no other redeeming qualities -- quite simply has a twisted moral sense. I don't know what else to say.

The group admonishes people to "Stop the Genocidal war on the African Community now!" If the "African Community" they're talking about consists of lowlifes like Mixon, they sound like National Socialists condemning Allied soldiers during WWII for the "Genocidal War on the German Community". To say that these folks need a reality check is a severe understatement.

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