Friday, March 20, 2009

By his own definition, Eric Holder is a coward

It's hard to come to a different conclusion based on his (and DOJ's, and the mass media's) deafening silence on the verdict of a major voting rights case in Mississippi.

A minority group was systematically intimidated from voting based solely on their race. The county sheriff went out of his way to make sure that those people knew they weren't welcome on voting day, and publicly recruited others to his cause.

The catch? The sheriff and his thugs were black and the minority being intimidated was white.

In Noxubee County, MS, whites only make up something like 20% of the population, with nearly all of the other 80% being black. The sheriff, Ike Brown, pursued a decades-long campaign of white voter intimidation, violating their rights in several different ways (including arbitrarily disqualifying whites who were legally qualified to vote or run for office). At every turn, he was aided and abetted in his campaign of racist intimidation by the Clinton administration -- which patently refused to even consider pursuing the issue -- and by elements of the DOJ (Dept. of Justice) under Bush. Only when a group of attorneys in the Bush administration refused to be morally intimidated by other elements in DOJ did this case go forward.

Read the article. The attorneys arguing for the white minority won in a walk, because this was a clear-cut, open-and-shut case of violating the Voting Rights act. It was also a clear-cut, open-and-shut case of violating the PC racial narratives built up around civil rights laws -- namely, that whites are always and everywhere the violators and nonwhites the violated. It's more than obvious that folks on the Left (and even the right-liberals in W's administration) wanted nothing to do with the case because of that second violation, and for no other reason. (It's also implied in the article that the attorneys who pursued this case damaged their careers by doing so. How's that for racism and injustice?)

Apparently, you're only a coward if you refuse to talk about white racism. Refusing to talk about black racism doesn't count.

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